About Us

At Street Guardian Canada we’re focused on providing a selection of vehicle safety and security products that offer the simplicity a novice desires without feeling overwhelmed, while still being attentive to the performance and quality an enthusiast demands.

Our high-quality products offer an exceptional out-of-box experience and are manufactured using only superior and elite components to provide cutting edge performance, stability and an extended life cycle.

The Street Guardian brand is a global team effort. The main factory involvement in the automotive industry dates back to 1981 and branched off to specialize in automotive electronics in 1994. The Canadian division of Street Guardian was formed in 2016 to establish an “on-the-ground" presence to handle the retail, wholesale, and supply chain distribution. We are proud to be located in Lethbridge, Alberta and offer our customers the benefit of years of experience in the Canadian marketplace for Vehicle Electronics.

We strongly believe in the customer experience. Every customer is unique, and their requirements and expectations are too. With this understanding in-mind, we have developed an exceptional pre- and post- sale customer support that extends our seasoned industry know-hows and comprehensive product knowledge to not only our existing customers, but our potential customers too. Our priority is to offer everyone an executive support experience.

Our team’s collective knowledge of the automotive and electronic industry has provided a unique collaborative effort in the development, engineering, and deliverables of the products and accessories that make up the Street Guardian brand. This extra attention to detail rooted into the fundamentals of our products has given us the platform necessary for the expansion into foreign and distant marketplaces. Whether it’s the extreme hot summers of the Arizona deserts, or the blistering cold winters of the Saskatchewan plains—our products deliver superior engineered results under familiar conditions from region to region.

Street Guardian products are available through a network of dealers worldwide, and we attend various tradeshows and automotive events to support and advance our growing global team effort of the Street Guardian Brand!

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