Cell Power CPMUSBHW Two Wire 12V-5V Mini USB Hardwire Kit

$29.95 CAD

Install this two-wire hardwire kit to supply power from an accessory source in your vehicle’s fuse panel. This kit will turn on and off with the vehicle and is not enable the special Street Guardian parking mode function.

For use with the following compatible Street Guardian products:

  • SG9665GC V1, V2, V3
  • SGGCX2
  • SG9663DC
  • SG9663DCPRO
  • SG9663DCPRO+
  • SG9665TC

Please select the fuse type you need, during order. If unsure please refer below.

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TWO-WIRE POWER SUPPLY: The CELLPOWER CPMUSBHW is a two-wire Mini USB 12V-5V hardwire kit that supplies power from an accessory source in the vehicle’s fuse panel to compatible Street Guardian Dash Cameras.

SWITCHED ACCESSORY: The hardwire kit is designed to be connected to a switched accessory power source in the fuse panel to supply power to the dash camera while the vehicle’s ignition is either running on accessory power or the engine is turned on.

NOT FOR PARKING MODE: The two-wire CELLPOWER CPMUSBHW is NOT suitable for unswitched continuous power parking mode for Street Guardian Dash Cameras. This hardwire kit is designed for customers that want the dash camera to turn on-and -off with the vehicle and to completely disable parking mode.

FUSE TAP & GROUND CONNECTOR: Select your vehicle’s compatible fuse tap from the drop down menu for easy installation into the fuse panel.

Choose from the following fuse types:


ATO Mini ATO Mini ATO Low Profile
Micro 2 Micro 3


The following diagrams show the approximate sizes and shapes of the different fuses.

Please note that the sizes may vary slightly between manufacturers, and the colours of your fuses may be varied depending on the Amp rating of the fuse you use. Our Hardwire Kits only use a 5Amp fuse, however the original fuse in your vehicle may be a different Amp rating. In this case, simply use the piggy back plug to replace the original fuse and plug the original fuse back into the piggy back plug in the appropriate slot, then add the 5Amp fuse for the Hardwire Kit to the remaining slot.

* DISCLAIMER* This information is provided as a reference guide only, and not intended to be an instruction manual, or a how to. We strongly recommend using a professional installer for the installation of the Hardwire Kit, to avoid any issues that might arise.





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